Teams are encouraged to contact these vendors for parts and software.

Parts Suppliers

Azotherm Safety Apparel

Azotherm hasset up the discount code: FHEC20. That will get anyone who uses it 20% products on the website. The welding gear will be available via the catalog for now but will be on the website soon as well. I will honor the discount via direct communication as well.

HMS Motorsport

Discount available to teams for belt sets.


Contact Aurimas Rutulys, Product Manager, for the product discounts and details for sponsorship of student teams!

Graybar Electric Company

20 feet of orange conduit (*Domestic shipments only) Contact Mark Felicelli and let him know which team you are on! 

Aurora Bearing Company

Buy one, get one free at the OEM pricing level! Contact John McCrory and let him know which team you are on!

Hoosier Racing Tire

All FSAE Recommended Racing Slicks and Wets are discounted by 15% for all FSAE Teams. Please see the information here for further ordering details.

West Coast Magnetics

WCM will design and build magnetic components including inductors and transformers at no charge to participants.


IMI insulation monitoring interrupter $500 Please contact Torsten Gruhn and let him know which team you are on!

Software Vendors

The Native Lab

The Native Lab is an Academy of Composites: We give courses on composite materials taught by industry experts. At The Native Lab we offer Flat Rates to the student teams competing in Formula Hybrid+Electric, so students can have access to all our courses at a unique discount.


One sponsored license for each team

Siemens Digital Industries Software

Engineering software donations & online Training at no-cost. The typical donations per team are worth large 7-figures in commercial value. Contact Ethan Watzig and let him know your team! 

MYLAPS Sports Timing

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