Register your team for the competition.

Registration Information

Registration for Formula Hybrid + Electric is handled by the SAE, and all information for registration can be found by going to the SAE Collegiate Design Series website, found here. Teams are responsible for registering for the competition directly through their website, and registration dates and fees will be posted on the Formula Hybrid + Electric Announcement Page once they become available.

  1. Each team is required to have at least one team member who has an active SAE membership prior to registering for the competition. You can register for a membership here.
  2. Your membership may not be active for up to 24 hours after you renew or register for the first time, so be advised. If you have problems with renewal/registering please contact customer service 1-724-776-4841 or email
  3. Please have a credit card ready to complete your registration for all Collegiate Design Events. Registration fees must be paid at the time of registration.


Please contact for more information.