School Visit Days

Introducing college bound students to hybrid vehicle engineering.

Wednesday May 1, 2024 from 9am to 12:30pm

Discover Engineering on the Track!

Each year middle school and high school students visit Formula Hybrid to see the variety of creative and technical challenges engineering students undertake. Student tours are guided by volunteers from the New England Section of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and other knowledgeable experts.

Contact us to register your school.


Visiting students will…

  • see hybrid and electric race cars up close.
  • engage with university teams working on their vehicle.
  • have the opportunity to ask engineers questions.
  • talk to corporate sponsors, like Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford, General Motors, and LG Chem Power, Inc. about their companies, and what professional engineers do.
  • be exposed to engineering degree programs and career paths.


What to expect from us?

  • When you first get to Loudon you will stop at the registration booth, hand in your signed waiver forms, and get your hand stamped. You can also pick up a race program with details about the teams’ cars.
  • Guides experienced in engineering and the automotive field will meet you at the bus and lead your group throughout the tour.
  • Teams will be set up with their cars in the center garages. Team members will be in front of the garages with information and are ready to talk with you, explain their car designs, and answer your questions.
  • There is a restaurant open at the track or you can choose to bring your own. Tables will be available to eat lunch outside. If it’s raining you will eat lunch in one of the empty garages.
  • Expect to learn about engineering—how interesting it is to study and apply to real life challenges.

What do we expect from students?

  • Do not touch the cars!
    These cars hold enough electricity to cause electrocution and death.
  • Do not run, push, jump, or engage in rough play.
  • Dress according to the weather. You will be outside.
  • Listen to, and obey, the instructions of your teachers, chaperones, and guides.
  • Stay with your assigned group during the entire event—from start to finish.
  • Ask questions. Think about where you might take a career in engineering...what would you design to help make the world a better place?
  • Have fun. Engineering students get to work on some amazing projects. We are excited to talk about how to build a racecar.