Rules and Deadlines


Posted November 15th, 2017

Teams have seven (7) days to protest incorrect scores.  After seven days the scores will be “locked in”.

2018 Submission dates – bonus and penalty points

2018 Submission dates – bonus and penalty points
Document Due Date Penalty points Bonus points
per day Max points ends points ends
Structural Equivalency Spreadsheet (SES) 30-Oct-2017 10 50 20 30-Sep-2017 10 15-Oct-2017
Project Management Plan 3-Nov-2017 5 50
Electrical System Form (ESF-1) 10-Nov-2017 10 25 10 11-Oct-2017 5 26-Oct-2017
Program Submission 8-Dec-2017 0 0
Team Photo 8-Dec-2017 0 0
Interim Project Management Report 2-Feb-2018 5 50
Impact Attenuator Data (IA) 9-Feb-2018 10 50
Site Pre-Registration 16-Feb-2018 0 0
Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) 23-Feb-2018 10 50
Electrical System Form (ESF-2) 23-Feb-2018 10 25 10 24-Jan-2018 5 8-Feb-2018
Design Report 23-Mar-2018 10 100
Sustainability Report 23-Mar-2018 10 100
Design Specification Sheet 23-Mar-2018 10 100
Mentor Request 0 0

Forms required can be found on the Tech Support and References Page. Submit required documents to the Uploads Page.

Notice: All required documents must be submitted before midnight UTC on the date shown.
See section A9.2.2 in the 2018 Formula Hybrid Rules.
A confirmation email will be sent when the documents are submitted. Please send information only once.