Document Bonus and Penalty scores have been posted.

Rules and Deadlines Page

Teams have seven (7) days to notify the organizers of errors.

Formula Hybrid will notify teams via email when this sheet is updated.


Formula Hybrid and TestEquity announce new prize!

There are new prizes to be awarded at the Formula Hybrid competition in 2018.  The Test Equity Hit The Ground Running Prize!!

If passing the tech inspections quickly isn’t enough motivation to arrive at the Formula Hybrid competition with a completed vehicle, we’ve added another incentive:  Some really cool, top-of-the-line Keysight Technologies electronic test equipment, compliments of Test Equity.

Check out the details here:  TestEquity Hit The Ground Runnung Prize


Updated 2017 Results sheet posted

A results sheet that now includes Technical Inspection status has been posted to the results page.

Updated 2017 Results page


A NEW Formula Hybrid Forum!

Formula Hybrid and the IEEE have collaborated on a new forum located on the IEEE Collabratec site.

You can find it here:   IEEE / Formula Hybrid Forum   (You don’t need to be a member of the IEEE to register).


2018 Rules have been posted!

They can be found here:   2018 Formula Hybrid Rules

Here are a few of the changes:

  • Project Management points have been increased from 100 to 150.  (Endurance is now 350 points).
  • The definition of a hybrid has changed.  The 10-second maximum acceleration time has been removed.
  • Hybrid and electric-only now have the same number of acceleration runs.
  • PCB spacing rules have been simplified.
  • The functions of the warning lamps and beacons have been changed to be closer to FSAE-electric.
  • The scoring formulas for the dynamic events have been simplified.
  • Many rules have been clarified based on team queries over the last year.


Energy Allocation and Maximum Accumulator Sizes

Note that the 2018 energy allocation and maximum accumulator sizes will be unchanged from 2017.

  • Endurance Energy Allocation: 35.5 MJ
  • Maximum Accumulator Capacity (Hybrid): 4,449 Wh
  • Maximum Accumulator Capacity (Electric-only): 5,400 Wh