• Resumes – All registered team members should EMAIL THEIR RESUMES to AND bring at least 4-hard copies for on-site recruiting with OEMs.
  • Camping – sites are available Saturday April 29th OUTSIDE of the infield. There is a fee (payable ahead of time, call NHMS 603-513-5725, or when you arrive). You may camp within the INFIELD Sunday April 30 – Thursday May 4.
  • Insurance Cards & Drivers Licenses – please email a PDF of scanned insurance cards and drivers licenses (for any competition driver, rule A5.5)

New IMD available from Bender Corporation

Bender Corporation has introduced a new Insulation Monitoring Device, the ISOMETER iso165C-1.

This is a smaller, fully enclosed unit that now includes a CAN interface.

Formula Hybrid rule EV7.9.2 has been amended to include this device.

Teams must note that the CAN bus may not be used as the source of the IMD interrupt within the shutdown loop.  However it may be used for any number of other purposes.

Bender will provide the iso165C-1 on request.  They only require that teams cover the shipping expenses.

Back by Popular Demand: Optional e-Tech Day | Sunday, April 30 | NHMS Lot

On Sunday, April 30 Formula Hybrid will again offer an additional electrical tech inspection day. Inspectors will be on site from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. to assist teams with Part 1 of the Preliminary Electrical Inspection. Tech day will take place in the parking lot, just south of the main gate – see the NHMS map. Plan accordingly for the weather with tents and rain gear.

Teams interested in attending the event must fill out the 2017 Site Pre-Registration Form v2 on the Tech Support and References page then follow the instructions for submission. Registration for Tech Day will start at 8:00 a.m.

Important Notice

Beginning with the 2017 competition, the NHMS garages will be closed and locked from 12 Midnight until 6:00 AM.  Vehicles and accumulator systems must remain in the garages.  No charging of accumulators or GLV batteries will be permitted inside the garages while they are closed.
Teams may remove small systems such as on-board computers and work on them elsewhere. (Although we would prefer that teams took advantage of this time to get some sleep.)
NHMS security will be checking the garages periodically and teams found in violation of this rule may be subject to disqualification.

Pre-Event Electrical Review: 3 Weeks Prior to Competition

Electrical tech inspection will again begin 3 weeks before the competition and will be conducted at each team’s home institution. Teams can expect to be contacted by Formula Hybrid officials before the end of March to set up appointments. Reviews will be performed by volunteers from the IEEE power electronics society, while communicating with experienced Formula Hybrid electrical tech inspectors.