An Updated 2017 Results sheet has been posted

A results sheet that now includes Technical Inspection status has been posted to the results page.

Updated 2017 Results page


A NEW Formula Hybrid Forum!

Formula Hybrid and the IEEE have collaborated on a new forum located on the IEEE Collabratec site.

You can find it here:   IEEE / Formula Hybrid Forum   (You don’t need to be a member of the IEEE to register).


2018 Rules have been posted!

They can be found here:   2018 Formula Hybrid Rules

Here are a few of the changes:

  • Project Management points have been increased from 100 to 150.  (Endurance is now 350 points).
  • The definition of a hybrid has changed.  The 10-second maximum acceleration time has been removed.
  • Hybrid and electric-only now have the same number of acceleration runs.
  • PCB spacing rules have been simplified.
  • The functions of the warning lamps and beacons have been changed to be closer to FSAE-electric.
  • The scoring formulas for the dynamic events have been simplified.
  • Many rules have been clarified based on team queries over the last year.


NOTICE:  The 2018 energy allocation and maximum accumulator sizes will be unchanged from 2017.

  • Endurance Energy Allocation: 35.5 MJ
  • Maximum Accumulator Capacity (Hybrid): 4,449 Wh
  • Maximum Accumulator Capacity (Electric-only): 5,400 Wh