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 Post subject: Firewall penetration question
 Post Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:15 am 

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I have a question regarding firewall penetrations. Here are the firewall rules from the 2009 FH rules:
Formula Hybrid Rules wrote: Firewall
A firewall must separate the driver compartment from all components of the fuel supply, the engine oil and the liquid cooling systems. It must protect the neck of the tallest driver. It must extend sufficiently far upwards and/or rearwards such that any point less than 100 mm (4 ins.) above the bottom of the helmet of the tallest driver shall not be in direct line of sight with any part of the fuel system, the cooling system or the engine oil system. The firewall must be a non-permeable surface made from a fire resistant material. Pass-throughs for wiring, cables, etc. are allowable if grommets are used to seal the pass-throughs. Also, multiple panels may be used to form the firewall but must be sealed at the joints.

I have also read this discussion and the enclosed link regarding firewall sealing

Our firewall is made of multiple pieces of nomex honeycomb glued and sealed to the chassis. Our team is discussing mounting the gas tank to the nomex. There would be 4 bolts penetrating the firewall, each with a large 'fender' washer on each side. The tank would then hang directly from the nomex, with no direct mount to the steel chassis. Does this solution meet the firewall rules? The fuel tank is entirely behind the firewall, but do the bolts count as ‘part of the fuel system’? Would a rubber grommet be required?

Also, would this be considered a poor design and deduct from design points?

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