Non-Technical Volunteers


Sign in team members, visitors, and media at registration, located in the building just outside the Speedway main gates. This process is most intensive during the first two days and requires staffing throughout the entire event. Attentive volunteers are essential for a smooth registration process.

Information Table

Be outside and close to the action. The information table position entails pointing people in the right direction, communicating with the on-site Coordinator, and making periodic announcements over the loudspeaker. You’ll be positioned in or near the garages and get to see teams working up close on their vehicles.

Dynamic Events

Assist the New England Region (NER-SCCA) personnel in running the dynamic events. Volunteers are needed to help with flagging, displaced cone replacement, and passing zone control. This position is an exceptional way to engage in the competition. Experience is helpful but not required.

Fuel Meister

Work closely with the teams and tech inspectors to deliver specific fuel allotments. Experience with Excel and precision measuring required.


An additional 2-3 people are required to keep watch on the track and provide backup in the event of failing transponders or other unforeseen problems. Formula Hybrid owns a sophisticated electronic, transponder-based timing system, but volunteers to aid the timing crew are invaluable to the Competition.


Collect scores from the event captains after each event, post them on the garage bulletin board, and ensure the scores are entered correctly into the master (Excel) scoring sheet.

Area Control

Help maintain safety and security of the event by controlling access to restricted or hazardous areas where vehicles may by moving under power, such as the practice area, brake test area, and other dynamic areas. This would include access to acceleration, autocross, and endurance events.

Contact Us

For non-technical volunteer opportunities, contact:

Crystal Murphy